This page contains a selection of my favourite photographs, of the over 15,000 I’ve taken in the last few years, presented in roughly chronological order. Some of these date back to when I was taking photos with a shoddy little point-and-shoot camera that took manual zoom to its ultimate extreme – in order to zoom in, you actually had to move closer to the object you were trying to photograph.

I’m very proud of these photos, which represent not so much photos of memories, but photos which should need no explanation. There still is explanation, of course, because I like doing that bit.

If you like this lot and hanker for more, then head on over to Creative Splurges, where I post photographs far more often than I update this page, and there is a far wider selection.

I’ve updated the navigation of these photographs; click the arrows or use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move between photos, or scroll down and select one of the thumbnails that takes your fancy.


4 replies on “Photography”

Rob, you have some wonderfully captured images in this set. You photograph some of my favorite subjects too, and some in really great closeup shots, especially the squirrels and ducks. I love the series on the air show too. I did our air show on my other blog, so I know how hard it is to get good pictures of these fast moving jets.

Thank you! As you can guess, I’m pretty proud of these images, and I absolutely love shooting some of the challenging subjects like fast moving jets or wildlife.

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