Not too many videos I’ve made are freely available online. Most of them have been made at work for internal purposes and they remain either on physical media or behind firewalls.

That said, I have made a handful of videos purely for my own amusement (or the amusement of others), which reside on YouTube. The best of these are embedded below, and like my photographs page, it is one I intend to keep updated.




This is showreel of clips from all of the projects I’ve worked on professionally for work. For me, the best bit is that I am personally responsible for all but one of the shots you see here – and that one holdout may have been filmed by someone else, but I covered all of the post production and made it look good.

Lightsabers Aren’t Toys

This video still surprises me. It’s short, it’s been online for over four years and has a tiny (by viral standards) view count of (as of writing) less than 4,000. But viewers to it still keep trickling in. In January 2011, 40 people stumbled onto the video from various places, without any advertising or cross-posting from me.

Introducing: the Visualiser

This is one produced for work, but because it contains no copyrighted content or likenesses I’ve been able to put it on YouTube. This is one of the videos I’m most proud of since it was made by me entirely off my own back; I wrote the script entirely with the iPhone Notes app on the train, shot it on my own, directed an actor for the voiceover and edited the whole thing together. Well received by both work and the company who made the product in the film, it is one of my favourites.

The Ball (Edit to Sound: Dead Guys With Bombs)

One university project I had to complete was editing a video to a piece of music. The music given was a piece of the score from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, called Dead Guys With Bombs. It took a while to come up with something coherent to make to fit the music, but in the end I came up with the idea of an escaped tennis ball. Watch out for shameless moments of time filling:

LonDEC Promo Video

Another one made for work, this was basically a promotional video made for a new department. I didn’t do all of the editing on this one, admittedly, but I did do most of it, and the special effects, such as they are.

RMJ Movie Trailer

What originally started out as a trailer for a forthcoming film thrown together by me and my mates, ultimately became the only fruits of the project (save for our own filmed version of the Bananaphone Flash video, which contains acting by me so bad I refuse to put it on here). It is quite good as a quick little trailer though, even if has ended up virtually as a random collection of uncompleted scenes.

A Quick Word on CN Videos

Ah yes. CyberNations. I remember that. In fact, I’m still technically a member. Anyway, a while back there was a trend for making statements via videos with graphics, which did little but show off that whoever made it had a basic video editor and terrible taste in music. This was produced by me as a counter to all that. Even better, it actually got double the hits than the video it was created in response to.


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