Colin Firth Again

I’m afraid to say that, after my previous encounter with a giant cardboard advert featuring Colin Firth’s big fat face, things have now escalated.

It is, I’ll admit, partly my own fault. After a while of walking past the banner for Sky television, I realised I don’t actually like Sky (being, as they are, part of an evil worldwide organisation with aspirations of world domination – one of several such organisations we have in the world, which is slightly unsettling). So, I dumped the cardboard cutout onto our paper recycling bin that sits in the hallway for junk mail.

This has had some unforeseen circumstances.

Since I didn’t damage the banner in any way, I just dumped it on top of the recycling bin. Which has basically lifted it about a foot off the ground. So now, whenever I come home, Mr Firth is staring at me through the window. It is quite unnerving to catch it out of the corner of your eye; it makes you feel like there is a child with an abnormally large head watching you.



Your flat is now ready for Colin Firth

At some point over a weekend a while back, some representative from a major well-known satellite broadcasting organisation managed to get into the lobby of our block of flats, and get some advertising in place.

Now, whenever I get home, I’m greeted by this mug:


Maybe they suspect I live amongst the sort of housewife types who’d go weak at the knees at that type of thing?