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Sex education

From the “it wasn’t like that in my day” files, I present a headline from the BBC News website:

When I was younger we just had to sit through a short video about willies and where to put them. It seems they’ve expanded the syllabus quite a bit since then. These days it probably even includes Scarlett Johansson and a section about how to tell real from faked celebrity nude shots.

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Today's poorly worded headline

I’m sure that BBC News assign the headlines for their RSS feed to a junior writer or work experience kid. The RSS headlines are often far more informal or ambivalently worded than the headline on the actual article.

Today, I couldn’t help but notice this one:

All I thought was ‘wow, that crash must have really upset him’.


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BBC go overly dramatic

Looking at my RSS feeds today, I saw that the BBC News website is making use of an unusual image to highlight a story. It looks like something from out of the Bill, circa 1980s.

Image: BBC News

I guess they always have to dig a stock photo out of the archive for breaking stories, but why do they even still have this one?


Back to Speed Cameras

This morning BBC news (or at least, BBC Breakfast) returned to the subject of speed cameras. More are being switched off as a cost cutting scheme; this time due to the austerity measures and less a statement by individual councils.

Breakfast, as they often do, asked for peoples’ thoughts, and since very little has changed since I made this post last summer, I basically copy and pasted it wholesale into their Facebook comments page and left it at that (I probably should’ve proofread it first, but hey-ho).

I actually received quite a positive response; it is (at time of writing) the most liked comment on the subject, and someone actually agreed with me enough to send me a message saying how much he agreed with me.

I guess that means I’ve reached the first important milestone for a blog: people actually care about what I write… now, the next step, which is… um…