Wedding Photos

Finally, after quite a bit of photo wrangling and a few arguments with a web server, I can present the first wave of images from our wedding.

As those of you there will know, we decided against having an official photographer, and instead elected to have an official camera that people could use. We also asked that people send us their photos, or at least made them available online for us to grab. We will eventually get our favourites printed in a book.

The selection below is our shortlist for the book, based on the photos we have so far from the father of the bride Tony, Lewis (the best way I can think of describing him is as an interloper associated with the bride), and the official camera. Thanks to everyone for their pictures, we’re sorry we haven’t had a chance to get at most of the others yet!

We have selected most of these images based on their quality, and a few have been selected because we like what’s going on in them. We are also quite keen on ensuring we have a photograph of everyone who attended, so if you didn’t have the foresight to smile for the camera and take a decent photograph, then you might be in for a shock!

Also, apologies to those on a slow internet connection for the 192 thumbnails you are currently trying to load.


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