IMG_7158Photographer. Filmmaker. Writer. These are all things I would be if I was only a little better at them (and did them more often). They say practice makes perfect, which of course isn’t true, it just sounds nice, but nevertheless this site serves as a place not so much for me to have a creative outlet, but rather to actually encourage me to keep making things.

In my defence, I am paid to make videos, but this is largely in the context of my day job, what ‘they’ (whoever ‘they’ may be) call an ‘Audio Visual Technician’ (which is something which means something to certain people, but to most it is three random words strung together in a cloudy haze of indeterminable babble). These videos, whilst sometimes fun, complex or creative, are usually lecture recordings which pose little challenge (not to demean them as such, they are of course important).

Still, I do find it more interesting (albeit less financially viable) to work on my own projects, which is where this site and its sister blogs come in:

This site is intended as my personal blog, and as a central point of my other blogs.

Creative Splurges is a blog for my creative outlet; there I will post my photos, videos, and anything else I create.

Outdated by Lunchtime is a tech blog focusing on the tech that interests me.

The Whimpering Pen is a blog dedicated to critiquing the media (or rather, it will; I’m still putting that one together).

Ultimately, I intend for Facebook to merely be a window into my life, not my actual life; so although I will often post links from this blog to Facebook and Twitter in order to get them attention, I no longer intend to upload photographs etc to anywhere other than this family of blogs.

Ta ta.



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