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O Xmas Tree

We had the Xmas tree delivered yesterday.

We had the Xmas tree delivered yesterday. Yeah, delivered. We don’t own a car, so we figured it would be just as easy to get one brought to our door as it would be to hire a car and go get one, making a mess of a ZipCar in the process.

To be honest, it’s worked out really rather well; whoever picked out our tree did a better job than we would have done.

We subscribe to the ‘throw baubles and tinsel at it until there’s only a bit of green left’ method of decorating Xmas trees. The only problem currently is that some of the chocolate I put on there keeps falling off.

We usually put some of the little Green & Blacks bars onto the tree – a tradition shamelessly stolen from my parents. As this is not really the intended use for this chocolate, I have to add some string to them to hang them on the tree. This, apparently, I did not do that well this year, as the string keeps coming off and the chocolates fall – but they’re not falling out of the bottom, so I guess the tree is eating them.

Anyway, I guess what I’m saying is I hope your Xmas is on track. Two weeks to go!

By Rob

Photographer. Filmmaker. Writer. These are all things I would be if I was only a little better at them (and did them more often).

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