The One Where Life Caught Up

SlideAs you will probably have noticed, I haven’t exactly posted much on here in the last few days (save for that quick little Beach Boys post). Don’t worry, I haven’t lost the blog bug, I had a very, very good excuse.

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks at work, some of which has already been documented. The pregnant woman project was actually completed on time, despite the time constraints. What I didn’t mention was that that week, the pregnant woman was one of three projects that had to be completed by the end of that week.

Last week, the Artsy Film. I had to screen that bastard six times in three days. Although, the first screening failed because the 16mm projector had a brief disagreement with me, resulting in something unwatchable, even for a film that I had previously taken 15 minutes to realise was running upside down.

Whilst I was busy with that, the system in one of our theatres (the really fallible theatre that I’m sure I’ve mentioned somewhere else before, but not sure where) blew up, meaning I came in the morning after to help sort things out, on what was technically my day off (I’m not complaining or anything, this is mainly for context).

Which all brings us round to Monday.

On Monday I interviewed at work for a promotion. Long story short, I got it. Although, as I write this, I can’t actually tell you. Until it’s announced officially, I can’t say anything, so that those I was up against can be informed properly (and trust me, having been on the other side of the fence and discovering my lack of success through the proverbial grapevine, I know exactly what it feels like). Of course, by the time you read this, it will be official, unless I accidentally publish this post too early. [Note: although it hasn’t been ‘officially’ announced, it is apparently common knowledge so I’ve gone ahead and posted this]

The problem with the interview was I had to both endure a 50-minute interview, and deliver a 10 minute presentation, all of which had to be prepared for. So ultimately, the reason why there’s not been much of me around is I spent Thursday writing my presentation, Saturday creating the slides and Sunday actually learning and rehearsing the thing. And Friday in the pub, but that’s neither here nor there.

To say I was nervous was an understatement. I had great trouble shutting my brain up to get to sleep on Sunday, and at some point during the night had a dream that I was in a bicycle race with Stone Cold Steve Austin, who resorted to elbowing me in the nose and leaving my bloodied in the road in order to win. Holly said that was perhaps one of my easier dreams to read, something about competitiveness and people fighting dirty. I dunno, I don’t really do dream reading.

Obviously it was all worth it, and now my brain isn’t chock full of potential questions and answers and the order of presentation slides, I can actually set it back to keeping my blogs updated. Oh, and the new job and stuff.



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