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On Taking a Step Back from Facebook

facebook logoAs may be coming gradually clearer from the type of posts I’ve made there recently (as well as the existence of this place), for a variety of reasons I’m trying to take a step back from Facebook. Just a step, mind.

Why am I doing this? The main reason is that, although I am not as addicted to Facebook as some people, I still ultimately live my life though it. If go out and take pictures somewhere, or find a funny link, or think of an amusing use of the word cockwaffle, then Facebook is the only place to know. As far as I’m concerned, that’s living my life through Facebook, even if I’m not glued to the computer 24/7 waiting for updates from people I hardly know (although another part of the reason for that is I’m pretty strict about who I actually add as a friend, which is why my friend count is 51, not, er, 60).

So, I’ve decided that Facebook is no longer going to be my life, just a window into it. My photos, videos and ramblings will no longer be put directly onto Facebook; they’ll be put onto this site, or one of my other blogs (listed here), and the link will be put on Facebook (much like I currently do with Instagram).

What good will this do? Well, primarily I believe it will help me keep active by actually updating them regularly. If I don’t put anything on Facebook, it’ll carry on without me; these blogs will not. It also allows me to take a little more pride in my work by putting it on the wider web (suitably watermarked, of course) where I can let anybody see it, and allows me to build up a publicly viewable portfolio of my stuff. It also protects my photography against sudden changes to the terms of use of Facebook, which could suddenly see their copyright whisked away from me (a slightly drastic sounding scenario I know, but Facebook have made several alarming moves in that direction over the last few years).

It also allows me to own and manage my own webspace, albeit one powered by WordPress. I’m still exploring various other ways of making use of this domain which include having blogs as part of the webpage, not the main webpage, but for now this is the way I’m running it, and I like it.

Whether in the future I return to Facebook with my tail between my legs, or drop off from Facebook all together, I’m excited about the possibilities.


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