Although the title of this post (hopefully) conjures up memories of Douglas Adams’ excellent short dialogue about them, which (in my quick search of Google) doesn’t appear to actually be posted anywhere on the Internet, this post is more about my experience with the pesky little buggers.

My experience is more the following: the likelihood of things going wrong is proportional to the proximity of a deadline.

Take my current situation. I’m working to one of the tightest deadlines I’ve ever had; a video that was shot this morning needs to be edited, graphics added and audio post done, and burnt onto a DVD by the end of the day. Yes, this is for the pregnant woman.

Unusually, I am not currently the weakest link in this equation.

Currently, I’m writing this blog, because Final Cut is rendering the almost conclusion of this day. Motion has been throwing tantrums and quitting all over the place, and Soundtrack Pro has spent most of the afternoon sulking in a corner because I asked it to remove the noise from a dozen audio files.

Once Soundtrack has cheered up enough to actually save the work it’s done, I’ll then have to run a second render (the current is for the video shot on Wednesday, that accompanies today’s piece). Then I’ll have to deal with Compressor which has also been very moody lately and been refusing to work.

Most of this, I am very aware, makes little sense to anyone not familiar with Final Cut Studio. Nevertheless, you get the idea: a deadline is very close, thus the technology is rebelling.

Wish me luck. I’m going back in.


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